Ending all poverty needs a focus on incomes, not sticking plasters

It shouldn’t really need to be said, but it is an outrage that in 2017 there are women in Scotland who can’t afford sanitary products. Encouragingly, there has been growing media and political attention on this issue over the past year or so and we have heard shocking accounts of women and girls compromising theirContinue reading “Ending all poverty needs a focus on incomes, not sticking plasters”

Get involved with A Menu for Change

Last night saw the launch of A Menu for Change at the Scottish Parliament. Staff and volunteers from community projects, as well as statutory services, elected representatives, policy makers, and local people attended to learn about this exciting new project and how they can be involved. The event laid out clearly our strategic intent forContinue reading “Get involved with A Menu for Change”

Parliamentary Reception

On Thursday 22nd June, A Menu for Change along with MSP Alex Rowley hosted a parliamentary reception to unveil the details of this important and innovative new project to tackle food insecurity. As a partnership project run in conjunction with Oxfam, Poverty Alliance, Child Poverty Action Group and Nourish Scotland, this event, like A MenuContinue reading “Parliamentary Reception”

A Menu for Change: Cash, Rights, Food

Anela Anwar – Programme Manager, Oxfam Scotland Time is running out to prevent food banks becoming a permanent part of Scotland’s social safety net. A decade ago, they barely existed. Now, they’re prolific. Yet food isn’t in short supply: anyone who’s been to the shops lately knows supermarket bosses aren’t struggling to fill the shelves.Continue reading “A Menu for Change: Cash, Rights, Food”

Pilot areas named for new food insecurity project in Scotland

Announcement to be made at Scottish Parliament reception The three areas in which a unique project will pilot new preventative and rights-based approaches to cut the number of people turning to food banks will be announced tonight at an event at the Scottish Parliament. The project – called ‘A Menu for Change: Cash, Rights, Food’Continue reading “Pilot areas named for new food insecurity project in Scotland”