Independent food banks: we need your help

If you’re about to set foot into a food bank for an emergency parcel what you’re in need of most is money not food. Emergency food bank referrals for people in need have become the default reaction of many job centre staff, doctors, schools and advice workers across...

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Putting rights on the table

There is something rotten at the heart of our food system. Hundreds of thousands of Scots are now depending on food bank parcels to feed themselves and their families, and this is increasing at a faster rate in Scotland than the rest of the UK. A Menu for Change is a...

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Hungry Scots, and what we can do about it

Last year a food bank parcel was given out in Scotland for every copy of The Scotsman bought between 2012 and 2016. Hundreds of thousands of Scots are now turning to emergency food aid to feed themselves and their families. Half those who are using food banks are...

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