Tackling food insecurity in Scotland

Reducing the need for emergency food aid

Working together for a Scotland free from food insecurity

As a result of poverty – not a shortage of food – too many people don’t have enough food in Scotland. A Menu for Change aims to tackle this by evolving the emergency response to make sure those facing an income crisis can afford to buy their own food.

About Food Insecurity

Find out more about the cause and extent of food insecurity in Scotland

Project partners

Oxfam Scotland, Child Poverty Action Group Scotland, Nourish Scotland, and The Poverty Alliance have joined forces to deliver this vital project. Read about the project partners.

Add your service

We are building a directory of support that people can access in a crisis, as an alternative to emergency food provision. If you are a community food initiative, financial inclusion/money advice service, welfare rights advice service, Scottish Welfare Fund or provider of other relevant services for someone facing food insecurity, we invite you to register with us.

Latest News

The System Has Been Found Wanting

Read our new report, Found Wanting, here. If Scotland doesn’t have a shortage of food, why do so many worry about going hungry? The answer from Menu for Change’s research is simple: low and irregular wages, combined with a social security system that too often fails...

More people in Scotland worried about running out of food

New figures show that more people living in Scotland have reported being worried about running out of food in the past year, and campaigners say it reinforces the need for stronger action to stop people needing to turn to emergency food aid. The Scottish Government’s...

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