Policy and Research

We have undertaken research to build an evidence base on effective interventions to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of food insecurity, whilst collecting data to contribute to building a more accurate picture of the scale and causes of food insecurity in Scotland.

Reports available to download:
Found Wanting – Understanding Journeys In and Out of Food Insecurity: A Longitudinal Study – October 2019

Addressing Shame as a Barrier to Advice Services for People Experiencing Food Insecurity – October 2019

The Scottish Welfare Fund – Strengthening the Safety Net: A Study of Best Practice – June 2019

Briefings available to download:

The Scottish Welfare Fund: Evidence from A Menu for Change This briefing summarises our evidence, concerns and priorities regarding the Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF), focusing specifically on Crisis Grants.

Insights into the Impact of Universal Credit on Food Insecurity This briefing is based on interim analysis from our qualitative research with people experiencing food crisis and from our work with local services in Dundee, Fife and East Ayrshire.

Evidence to the Scottish Government’s Social Security Committee on Social Security and In-Work Poverty This briefing is based on interim analysis of our research with people facing acute food insecurity and evidence from our work with a wide range of services in Dundee, Fife and East Ayrshire to improve local responses to food insecurity.

Strengthening the Scottish Welfare Fund – Budget briefing. A briefing for MSPs ahead of the 2020/21 Scottish budget.

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